What's going on at BGCW? 

Lounge AKA Learning Center
The Lounge provides youth with opportunities to explore education and discover their own learning styles through a wide variety of programs. The Lounge also provides members with opportunities for mental and physical “cool down”, homework help and educational enrichment.
Technology Center
The Technology Center introduces youth to the many different skills needed to become proficient with different computer systems and programs while increasing their comfort level in the process. Our lab offers youth experiences in typing, graphic design, web page design, internet access, and educational and interactive games.
Games Room
The Games Room is a place for youth to gather, meet friends and learn to work together. Tournaments are offered in foosball, pool and various games on a regular basis.
Art Room
In the Art Room, youth are encouraged to develop skills in both fine arts and arts and crafts, through activities and exercises in drawing, painting, photography and much more. Club Members work on individual and group projects. They are given the opportunity to enter their work in local, national and international art shows.
The Gym offers opportunities for youth to learn the concept of responsibility, teamwork, and leadership, as well as to develop and maintain good health and physical fitness through a variety of activities. Leagues include basketball, soccer, baseball, and flag football.
Pre-Teen Center
The Pre-Teen Center offers middle school youth a comfortable area of their own. The Pre-Teen Center includes games, educational and leadership programs, homework assistance, and more.
Teen Center
The Teen Center offers a space for youth 13 years of age and older, which includes games, a stereo, computers, educational and leadership programs. Teens can participate in sports leagues, field trips and college awareness programs. The Teen Center also has extended hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5p-8p.
Special Programs
Special programs such as Showcases offer Club Members  the opportunity to show off what they have learned in their 8 week club session to their friends, family, and community members. We also offer, a career prep program, a college prep program, a leadership development program, and a summertime academic enrichment program.